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The Amulet of Structured Thought is the 2nd book to The Kafka Legacy Series written by Jason Flanigan. 


The Kafka Legacy begins when James realized he had magical abilities on his eleventh birthday, along with finding out about the bad luck curse of The Kafka Legacy, which has been placed on him and his family for generations. The only way to get rid of the curse is to help vanquish or imprison ten secondary realm criminals. And so the quest to end the bad luck curse follows the adventures of James, his inherited wereparakeet Amy,  grandmother Louise, and his two friends Beth and Tim.


The Kafka Legacy Series is divided into the primary, secondary, and tertiary realms. The primary realm occupied by human wizards, Wizard Council, and The Protectorate, while the secondary realm are infested with criminals, and the tertiary realm embodied the four different magical species, forming The Cooperative.


Wizard’s Weekly has reported Kirvyn Roestch who is an Amarian, a representative from the tertiary realm will be on a mission in the primary realm to retrieve the amulet of structured thought, which absorbs information from books just by touch and life experience from inhabitants within the realms of the primary, secondary, and tertiary.  The Wizard Council in the primary realm is cooperating with The Cooperative of the tertiary realm as they do not want to risk another war. Not much is known about The Cooperative of the tertiary realm, except the four different magical species form a powerful alliance and they hold control over the criminals in the secondary realm. And so, Stevaln Rimsky, a criminal who has escaped from the secondary realm has the amulet of structured thought.


What would James do when the bad luck curse draws Stevaln Rimsky, a secondary realm criminal to him? Would The Protectorate and The Cooperative work together to retrieve the amulet of structured thought?


Jason Flanigan’s “Kafka Legacy series”, is a good read. It revolves around James having to rid of ten secondary realm criminals to break the bad luck curse. Thus far, the school is where evil-doings happen. Stopping it require focus of the mind to produce powers. James control the blue flames of Aferon, Beth casts illusion spells, Tim renders the negotiation spell, and Amy possess supernatural abilities in her human form and when metamorphosis to werewizard strikes  hunger for magic and power with no reasoning ability. Finding Stevaln Rimsky and imprisoning him to retrieve the amulet of structured thought is the second to ten countdown of breaking the bad luck curse.


There are similarities to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. Such as the three friends, intelligent Beth, adventurous Tim, and James attracting secondary criminals. Likewise to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The world of humans and wizards. Both stories involve schools. Etc.


Disclaimer: Dreamy Worlds Publications provided the ebook for review.